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Buying good art is daunting. But buying good art with the confidence that it will hold its value takes a lot of anxiety out of the process. Toma Wolff gave us that confidence. 

- Matthew Mellor


art advisory & acquistion

My passion is to guide you in finding art you will love.

The process of collecting great art begins with an on-site consultation (in person or on facetime). This interview helps me learn about your unique vision, personal tastes, cultural interests, and your budget. This meeting is followed up with a customized portfolio of artists that include artist bios, work samples and colorful descriptions of their process and deep meanings behind their work.


Once artwork is selected, all the details are handled. This includes negotiations, arranging shipping and insurance, interior placement, and installation.


My personal motivation is that you fall in love with art as much as I have and truly experience the joy of “living with art”.     

services & logistics

On-Site Consultation


Collection Development

     custom presentations of available art 

     access to an extensive global

      network of galleries & artists

     gallery tours

   •  artist studio visits 

   •  private home collection visits

   •  international art fair tours

   •  private city tours

Education & Research

     secondary market consultation 

     art investment and appreciation 

     evalution and consultation

Negotiation & Acquisition

     negotiating all sales 

     appraisals for insurance

Transport & Installation

     packing and storage of artwork

     art restoration

     custom framing

     worldwide shipping 

     delivery and crate removal

     pedestal building 

     art installation

     moving and re-installing artwork 

     styling of home 

     photo documentation of artwork

     interior photoshoot

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click on questions to reveal answer

  • What is the difference between an Art Advisor and an Art Dealer?
    Art dealers have retail spaces and represent specific artists. Art advisors do not have a retail space and have unlimited access to artists directly or through dealers.
  • What are the fees? How much does it cost to hire Toma?
    A discount is negotiated with the gallery dealer, which is passed directly onto my client. My fee is based on a percentage of the retail price of the artwork.
  • Will my art increase in value over time?
    When we are looking for investment opportunities, you will be guided to the artists who have the best chance to appreciate. By this, I mean artists who have an established market with more than one dealer nationally and/or internationally. The up-and-coming artists who are collected by museums, institutions and are collected by serious and noteworthy private collectors. These young, established artists in my opinion are less risky to collect and over my years of advising and collecting, many have doubled or tripled in value making this an important investment. The increase in value does take time and there is no guarantee as markets can change. Another consideration with investing in art are the capital gains. Often artworks can be donated/gifted to a museum or institution to offset these gains. The bottom line, with me, is that you will LOVE the piece of art you acquired and will want to enjoy it for many years to come.
  • What is involved in an Art Installation?
    1) Transporting the artwork to the place it will reside. 2) Carefully unpacking and inspecting the art by a skilled art handler/preparator. 3) We discuss placement if that has not already been decided. Often, I provide photo shopped images of the artwork on the wall, superimposed in the space, so the client can visualize what it looks like ahead of installation. 4) The artwork is carefully installed, taking into consideration the type of wall and structure where it will hang. 5) I also work to balance the collection throughout your home working to fill the main walls first.
  • Tell me about your Curated Art Trips in other cities?
    I have created small, art-focused, trips for collectors. They include studio visits with sought-after artists, top gallery visits with the owner/director, private home collections tours as well as curator-led museum exhibition walk-throughs. Fine dining and transportation are often included. It’s a lot of fun.
  • I’m a new collector with a smaller budget, can you help?
    Yes. We would start by looking at emerging talent and local galleries. We can also consider limited-edition prints and multiples, as well as works-on-paper by well-known artists. We can plan your collecting strategy according to your goals. My job will be to broaden your choices of art in a way that is effective and enjoyable.
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client experience

Hiring Toma was a great decision. My husband and I were in search of new art pieces for our homes, and Toma proved to be an invaluable asset in this endeavor.


Toma carefully curated a selection of artists and works for us to consider, ensuring that our choices would perfectly complement our living space....

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