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Hiring Toma was a great decision. My husband and I were in search of new art pieces for our homes, and Toma proved to be an invaluable asset in this endeavor.


Toma carefully curated a selection of artists and works for us to consider, ensuring that our choices would perfectly complement our living space.


Toma’s site visit was incredibly productive. She meticulously documented our walls, taking measurements and capturing photos to determine the ideal sizes and placements for the artwork. Her attention to detail and dedication to understanding our preferences made us feel confident that we were in capable hands.


Not only did Toma assist us in acquiring a stunning collection of 17 art pieces, but she went above and beyond by taking the lead in obtaining an appraisal for our entire collection. Her negotiation skills came into play as she worked on our behalf to secure these pieces at a favorable discount, ensuring that we received the best value for our investment.


Toma’s commitment to providing a full-service experience was truly exceptional. She coordinated the shipping of our artwork to multiple locations around the country and ensured that the pieces were expertly framed and installed. The convenience and peace of mind she offered were priceless throughout the entire process.


Additionally, Toma demonstrated her expertise by overseeing the restoration of a work by Donald Lipski. The restored artwork arrived back in perfect condition, a testament to Toma’s dedication to preserving the beauty and integrity of the art.


Working with Toma was an absolute pleasure. Her passion for art, attention to detail, and commitment to exceeding our expectations were evident in every step of our journey. We couldn’t be happier with the results and are grateful for her expertise. Thank you, Toma, for making our art collection dreams a reality. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and enjoying the beauty you’ve brought into our lives.

- J&BF


We were already familiar with Toma when we were ready to embark on our collection journey as we had been to her home and had already been inspired by her own collection. However, we agreed that we wanted to start by attending the largest show in the country, Art Basel but we were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the show. So Toma was able to educate us before going, as she has which each of the many shows we have attended. She puts together a target list of artists, shares background info and links to their works, discusses our preferences and helps us wean down the list, and then when we get to the shows we are able to move thru the shows efficiently. One benefit is that many of the gallery representatives already know Toma so when she shows up at a booth with a client in tow, they give her and her clients first class attention and make us feel that we are their most important client. 

Thoughout the year when we are on “pause” from preparing for shows, Toma keeps us informed about different artists and their exhibits so that when we do have an opportunity to make a purchase, as recently happened when Toma was not with us, we were able to do so with confidence and knowledge. 

- Thomas Cohen

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