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Making an Entrance

Design KC - Fall 2023

"Home design is an art form. A practice of patience and dilgence, the act of creating a beautiful and unique design that works demands imagination and experimentation."

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painting in foyer: Jenny Sharaf

painting in dining room: Michael Kruger

interior photography: Jessica Cain

interior design: Kristyn Iman | Design Spout

           & Lisa Schmidt Interior Design | LSID

art advisor : Toma Wolff


by Grace Suh - M Magazine Kansas City


Cover and editorial featuring Toma and her two young children interacting in the artful space of her home.


The article covered the transition of the Byron Cohen Gallery,"a Crossroads fixture for more than 15 years was leaving it's physical gallery space and going space-less." and founder Byron Cohen and daughter Toma Wolff decided to run the gallery as an online venture." 



By Patricia Odell - August 2022 

"Toma Wolff says she doesn’t overthink where a piece of art will live at home. “I’ve never bought a piece knowing where it was going to go. I buy art because I love it. I need it. It’s a hunger. So, I know I’ll figure out a place for it. I’m not thinking about whether it will match the furniture. I do think about how something may relate to the other art around it, because I like the way art relates to each other.


Wolff and her father closed the physical gallery in 2011. They moved the business online and she, Andy, and their children, Simon and Ava, moved to Florence, Italy, for a year. They came home to Kansas City when her father became ill. After he died, she decided to let the business evolve naturally. “Now I’m consulting,” she says. “I want my clients to connect to the artists and their stories. There’s no art for sale on my website. It’s important to hear the artists’ stories, to connect their ideas and enjoy the visuals. You might look at something and not understand it. But once you hear the story behind it, you’re connected. Once we identify artists that they like, we can find the right pieces.” ...


By Susan Cannon - Janauary 2015 

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