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stories from our collectors 


“With Toma’s guidance, we have created a home collection that never fails to elicit interest. Not only has Toma provided guidance on choosing works, she has given us confidence to learn about our own tastes and still rely on her professional opinion. It has been an amazing process over the years.

- L&NS

“We relied on Toma’s experience and expertise to fill a new home with artwork. Finding pieces that filled the walls was a very enjoyable experience and we’re completely in love with each and every painting, photograph, and sculpture. The process was quick and most importantly, painless -- Toma took care of all the details and we couldn’t be happier!"


"Toma is incredibly well versed on the subject of contemporary art; she understands it both academically and emotionally, and she knows absolutely everyone who is working or producing in the space. Toma’s credentials are impeccable, but it’s her personal creative zen that makes her my choice as friend and art advisor!"

- Lorie Whitaker

“Toma has been an AMAZING resource introducing myself and our group of art enthusiasts to amazing artists, galleries, museums, and events. Her knowledge and pulse on the art scene is a treasure, and I feel fortunate to learn from her expertise in the field . She knows the ins and outs of the contemporary art scene and is an extremely valuable resource  for anyone wanting to learn more about the art of now. She makes art approachable, understandable, and exciting.” 

-Mark Allen Alford Jr.